The Real Food Fight: Is Eating Meat Ethical?

The media says a lot of stuff. Like, a lot. You may have recently seen the rising trend in veganism. Being vegetarian is one thing, but veganism is on a whole other level. Respect to anyone who is vegan- I go crazy without my dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, dude!
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or simply PETA, is well-known animal rights group that supports vegetarianism and veganism. And, here’s the thing: they are literally stronger than the government. They know every single little animal-related thing. They’ve got eyes everywhere! Heck, they might be watching you through the camera on your phone. So you’re wearing a fur coat this winter, I see, you animal-killer! they must be commenting from their HQ. Or maybe even: Well, well, Ashely, thought you could get away with those mink eyelashes? Not today!
With all the pro-plant-based-lifestyle articles, have you ever given a moment to actually think: “Is eating meat ethical?”
Well, folks, that’s why I’m here! Your favorite, f…

A Colorful Conflict: Black or Blue?

You look through your bag, trying to find a pen to write some notes for class with. After what seems like forever, you grab a pen. Hooray! But upon closer inspection, you see you have two pens, identical to each other, but one is blue whilst the other is black. Which one do you choose?

Hi everybody, it's me, Hibba, and I'm finally back. First school had me busy, and the...

I literally have no good excuse. I wasn't busy at all this summer. To be honest, I was just really lazy. School is going to start in TWO DAYS, so I have no idea how I'm going to stay on a schedule.

Laziness aside, I have finally used all my power to create an article, hopefully a good one. I have used all my power to ask you, yes YOU, a very important question: "black or blue ink?”

*insert dramatic faint*

It may seem like a petty problem that most of us barely think about, but even things as small as the color of the pen you prefer can really impact what others think of you, or  what it says about you…

Is Graffiti Art? Yes or No?

If you walk down the streets of a city, I think we’ve all seen graffiti. Maybe it was a cool, retro style of letters or an original cartoon against an ombre background, but, we’ve all seen it. Graffiti is very common.

The debate had arisen on whether graffiti is art, or not. And as you know, I decided to take this topic and give my opinion on it. As a little-above-average artist, I do have a couple of ideas on this creative debate.
It’s mua, Hibba! I’m here with another debate! This idea was suggested by the one and only @mary.christmas35. Thank you so much for this idea!
A lot of people may disagree with me, because isn’t graffiti just… vandalism?
No. It is so much more than that.
Let’s start with the definition of graffiti. That always helps. According to Wikipedia:
“Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually without permission and within public view.”
It’s very stereotypical to think graffiti is illegal, first of all. It’s not. We have the freedom of speech…

*BLOG UPDATE*: No Blog, All Birthday

You may be wondering why I have not uploaded this Saturday. Well, I've been pretty busy, for a fact. Because...
It's my birthday!

Well, technically, in American days, it would be tomorrow. But I was born in Pakistan, so I would have my actual birthday today.
Thing is, I was SOO busy with my birthday stuff (and my awesome cousin), I could not find time to finish up my blog.

I just wanted to let you know. I didn't forget, or anything. Just me, being busy, with my birthday. Hopefully, next week the blog will be out and all will be good. It be Gucci.

Just to repeat, I may skip a week or two for many reasons. So, no worries. I'm not dead. I'm okay. Writing a blog is some work. With all the new homework, even with the extra weekend, I'm still finishing homework, and planning for my party.

Just to add on to that, I am trying to do debates that are suggested by you guys more. So be more active. Comment! I listen, and I care. Maybe I don't reply, but I still read them. Yo…

Should Kids Date, Or Let It Wait?

“Oh my god! I heard she got a boyfriend! Unbelievable, right?”

“Eh… they aren’t a good couple.”

“sLuMp g0d¡”

This is the stuff I hear when I go to school. Most of us hear this stuff (apart from the bottom one). Ships, dating, couples and all that lovey-dovey stuff is everywhere, in middle and high school.

Here is a shout out to @andrew._.coyle for suggesting the idea! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a suggestion, so here you go! And stick till’ the end for a little poll, suggested by your friend, Andrew!

But, there’s a pretty big debate between kids and adults on whether kids should date. Is it worth it?

Usually, I would yeet myself onto the kids’ side for most debates. But for this argument, I’m going to have to agree with the adults. With a no.

First of all, dating is a distraction from school. Dating just draws kids away from their studies. Teens become so indulged in their partner, they forget why they come to school! Girls put boys before the books, and the boys put their girl b…

The Great Debate of Chocolate Milk

What do you call a sweet, creamy liquid that coats your tongue in goodness? It’s chocolate milk, over course! With its great taste and silky feel, and it’s soft milk taste, balanced perfectly with that rich chocolate taste, it grabs fans of all ages. But despite all that, this drink has been stirring up some controversy in schools. (I know, right?) So, that what’s lead me to this week’s blog: should chocolate milk be served in schools?

After reading the intro, it should be clear what my opinion is: YES!!! To me, chocolate milk is the best thing since sliced bread. It’s like… a miracle on Earth. It fits everything the parent of any kid wants: it’s healthy, addictive, and low in sugar. (For me, it fits everything I need: tastiness, and chocolatiness.)

But chocolate milk is not viewed by some as the angel from heaven me and many others see. Nutritionists, policymakers, health officials, and parents all worry that chocolate milk is just straight-up sugar in liquid form with the words “HEAL…